Chale Community Project features in Island Business magazine

The Chale Community Project features in Island Business online magazine this month, as part of a showcase of the wealth of activity on the Island focused on sustainability:

Malcolm Groves, Head of the Steering Group comments:

“We hope that one of the things people will take from [the Chale Community Project] is an understanding of what might be done elsewhere on the Island.”

To help this aim, the Chale Project is part of the Green Towns Project set up by the Council which covers three towns in the pilot, Chale, Brading, and Shanklin.

“The idea is to develop a set of measures right across the board covering everything from waste through to electricity and water use,” explained Malcolm. “Then we can see how we progress on those measures over the years to come.”

Malcolm points out that the Chale community has a strong ethos of self-help and the local Chale Green Stores is certainly leading from the front. They’ve installed a ground source heat recovery system for hot water and heating, double-insulated all new structures, installed a rainwater harvesting system, and light tunnels to bring in more natural light, among a whole range of initiatives.

The Island-based charity The Footprint Trust is a big supporter of the Chale Project. Ray Harrington-Vail said: “It’s given us a real focus on the Island of what can be done.

“It’s not just the people in social housing who are benefiting. We are visiting people in private homes and helping them reduce their fuel bills. It has really acted as a catalyst and is being watched by other parts of the country and other parts of the world.”

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